The absence of a proper Journey Management Plan or the fact that the driver may not follow the plan may result in fatal incidents and something terrible for the driver’s family, so you must ensures all risks relating to journeys are readily visible to decision makers when it matters most.

JourneySense enables organization to ensure the safety of workforce travelling in real-time.

Business Values:

Improved Efficiency

Business efficiency is improved, resulting in better vehicle and asset utilization and reduced overall operational costs.

Lowering the risk

With Journey Management, the safety of people, vehicles and cargo is prioritized, while reputational risk is lowered, too.

Meeting standards

The solution facilitates transparency and compliance with even the strictest Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures.

Key Features:

Mapping the route

Plan for road conditions and types to reduce the risk of crashes.

Real-Time mobile GPS

High accuracy mobile GPS provides instant or last know location info.

Before you go

Ensure that vehicles are road-worthy before they are operated.

Assessments & checklist

At the end of the trip, vehicles should be inspected for any damage or problems or lessons-learned that can help the JM with planning the next trip.

Alert management

If pre-set checkpoints aren't reached, alerts are sent via SMS, push notification and email with no driver interaction required.

Communication and emergency

Driver can communicate with the journey manager and report any emergency case in a different ways.

Rest stops

Each technician can receive his work orders details via push notification.

Report and analytics

Run reports on just about any data captured by your users and can be generated by printing a PDF or Excel sheet.

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