Our parcel delivery management system can help businesses to manage the entire process of shipping and delivering packages also to save time, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline their shipping and logistics operations.

Business Values:

Improved Efficiency

Our post delivery management system can help businesses automate and streamline their shipping processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage packages. This can improve efficiency and save time for businesses.

Increased Visibility

With a parcel delivery management system, businesses can track packages in real-time, allowing them to provide better visibility to customers about the status of their shipments. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Savings

By automating and streamlining shipping processes, businesses can save money on labor costs and reduce the risk of errors that can result in lost or delayed shipments.

Integration with Other Systems

A parcel delivery management system can be integrated with other systems such as e-commerce platforms, inventory management systems, and accounting software, providing businesses with a seamless and integrated solution for managing their shipping and logistics operations.

Key Features:

Order Management

The system allows businesses to manage orders from multiple channels, including Web platforms, Mobile App, and manual orders.

Courier Management

the system allows to manage couriers, assign pickup and delivery zones.

Shipment Tracking

The system provides real-time tracking of packages, allowing businesses and customers to track the status of shipments at any time.

Automated Shipping

The system can automate the shipping process, including carrier selection, label printing, and package pickup.

Analytics and Reporting

The system can provide analytics and reporting on shipping and delivery performance, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Delivery Notifications

The system can send notifications to customers about the delivery status of their packages, including delivery time and estimated arrival.


The system can integrate with other systems, such as e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and inventory management systems, providing a seamless and integrated solution for managing shipping and logistics operations.

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